1343063512 f201Children available for adoption in Ukraine are healthy children, children with moderate and correctable health conditions, special needs children and sibling groups. Ukraine is one of a very few countries where prospective parents may get acquainted with the list of available children and select a child/children according to age, gender and health condition. Ukrainain children are caucasians. 

Children available for adoption from Ukraine are generally 5 years old and older. Sibling groups are also available for adoption.  The age range for children with special needs, relative and sibling groups, may be younger than 5 years. 

There are many older children and children with special needs available. When selecting a child, also consider the following:


  • Healthy boys and girls 9 and older;
  • Special needs children of all ages;
  • Two or more siblings at one time.

Ukrainian children are available for adoption due to a number of reasons such as poor economic situations, domestic violence, or neglectful parents. Parents state their gender preference and are able to adopt a child of their preferred age and health condition.

Children under the age of 5 and those who are registered for less than one year with the central adoption authority are not eligible for adoption by foreigners, except for children with diseases that allow their adoption without complying with these terms and age requirements.

A completely different situation will experience families seeking to adopt a child from 5 to 6 years old.

Some 40% of foreigners visit Ukraine with the purpose to adopt a 5 year old child.

As of today Ukraine welcomes foreign adoptive parents who wish to adopt:

  • A child with disabilities, special needs or medical conditions;
  • A child over 10 years old;                    
  • A group of siblings (4-5 children) over the age of 8 years.

It's forbidden to foreigners to adopt a single child under 5 y.o. But if the child under 5 y.o. is in the sibling group, then it's possible. For instance, one child should be older than 5 y.o. and the other one or two child/ren may be under 5 y.o. Some younger children are available classified with serious medical conditions from about 6-9 months.

Children who, in accordance with list of diseases of the Ministry of Health Protection, are determined to be unhealthy are not subject to the 1 year waiting period and will be available for international adoptions immediately.