The children available for inter-country adoption in Bulgaria are between 2 and 15 years old.  However, the wait time increases, the younger the age of the child at referral. Special needs and older children, as well as sibling groups are also desperately in need of loving homes and matching times are faster for these groups.

When selecting a child, consider that you may adopt the following:

  • Children aged from 2 to 15 years;
  • Children with special needs of all ages;
  • Sibling groups of two or more children (typically age 6 and above).

Children may be eligible for adoption due to being orphaned, relinquished by their parents, or abandoned for reasons of poverty, domestic violence, a stigma of single parenthood or mental/physical disabilities of their parents.

Children Available from Bulgaria:
• Boys and girls from age one to 14 years old at time of referral. Referrals take longer for younger healthier children under three.
• The children will be in government run child care centers or orphanages throughout Bulgaria, in some cases in foster care.
• Children are primarily of Roma ethnicity or decent.
• Children’s ethnicity cannot be requested by adopting parents.
• Children with special needs are available for adoption Bulgaria.
• Special needs can include older children over age six, children with varying degrees of pre-identified medical needs or a combination of both.  Examples of minor special needs include anemia, a cross eye, or a skin condition.

Who Are the Children in Need of Families?

  • Children range in ages from twelve months to school-aged
  • Both boys and girls are in need of families; gender preferences may be specified
  • Children are primarily of Romani descent (and may include those of Turkish heritage)
  • Occasionally children are of “true” Bulgarian descent, but much less frequently
  • No children of Bulgaria are considered Caucasian and children of fair appearance cannot be specified
  • Sibling groups and children with special needs are waiting for families
  • Children from Bulgaria may need to be placed in families through international adoption due to economic hardship, lack of acceptance of unwed mothers and medical reasons where parents lack the financial resources to meet the needs of their biological children