Boys and girls age 7 or older, sibling groups and waiting children are available. Families are especially needed for children over age 9, sibling groups with a child age 9 or older and sibling groups of 3 or more children. Families of Colombian heritage can expect an expedited application process, and may be granted an exception to adopt a child of any age, gender or race.

Colombia has an excellent child welfare system; children receive high-quality care, including counseling and educational services. They are cared for in government-sponsored orphanages or foster homes. Children are individually screened to determine their readiness for adoption and continue to be prepared prior to and after a family is identified.

Most children available for adoption in Colombia come from marginalized families with difficult social histories. In general, children are either relinquished by their birth families or removed from the custody of their birth parents by child welfare authorities. If efforts to reunify the child with birth family have failed, and the child has not been adopted by a family in Colombia, he or she is deemed eligible for inter-country adoption.

Information You Can Expect to Receive

You will receive photos and detailed medical and socio-developmental information on your child. Some information on family history is also available upon referral.

Estimated Wait Times for a Referral

This can be a fast-moving program for older children. If adopting a child age 7 or older, you may expect to receive your child’s referral 12-24 months after submitting your dossier. Families of Colombian heritage who request a child under age 7 may receive a referral 12-36 months after dossier submission.