Ethiopia’s international adoption process is relatively inexpensive and uncomplicated. After filling out an application the “paper chase" takes 4-6 months to complete the adoption. During this stage of Ethiopia's adoption process, families begin assembling their dossier (set of adoption paperwork). 

A family’s dossier to the Ethiopian government’s Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs must be sent through a careful process of certification and authentication in order for it to be used as a legal framework for adoption. 

Once the dossier is in Ethiopia, it is translated, processed and examined by the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs. Our staff works with government officials and orphanages as a match is made between prospective parents and a child. Currently, families are being matched with a referral 36-42 months after dossier submission. This wait time is subject to change and shows a trend of increasing. We expect families starting the process to adopt from Ethiopia will wait longer than the current wait time due to the fact that the wait time has increased every year. These parents are given a picture, medical test results and a short profile of the child’s life. All children are tested for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other medical conditions. Prospective parents adopting from Ethiopia are given the option to accept or reject the child referral they receive. America World plans travel arrangements for families choosing to accept their referral.

When adopting a child from Ethiopia, there are two in-country stays required in Ethiopia. Both parents must travel on the first trip, which is typically 5-7 days. Only one parent is required to return for the second trip, which generally lasts 3-5 days. America World’s staff will coordinate travel logistics, including air and ground transportation, lodging, translators, and some meals.

Adomir is pleased to be able to offer families the opportunity to adopt from this beautiful African nation, and we are also eager to partner with others in our commitment to provide humanitarian aid and sustainable development projects for orphans’ welfare in Ethiopia. Your decision to adopt through Adomir will not only change your life and the life of the child you adopt — but will also affect the life of your friends, family and community.

We believe that our adoption program in Ethiopia, including older and special needs children, offers a great opportunity to build families through God’s plan of adoption.