aimg2194Being a parent means loving your child more than you’ve ever loved yourself. Children make your family complete and bring ultimate sense into life. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with the gift of parenting. And even more unfortunately, not all the children in the world are blessed of having a place to call home and a woman to call “mom”. Hopefully enough, adoption is a means to match those two striving hearts. For already many years, our organization Adomir Adoption has been helping childless couples to make up a full family.

Adomir Adoption is a non-profit organization that accompanies your adoption process. We provide you with support one needs on a bendy and long path of international adoption. In the meantime, we help hundreds of children to find their new homes and loving families that they are striving for. It’s an honor for us to be a medium that helps childless people to know the blessing of parenting. And for children – to feel love and care of parents. On our site, you’ll find information about peculiarities of international adoption in some countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Adomir Adoption is a public organization. We’re located in Ukraine and tightly collaborate with Ukrainian orphanages. Our services are free. In the meantime, we make your trip to Ukraine comfortable and relaxed. Our representative meets you in the airport, books comfortable accommodation and accompany you on all stages of your adoption trip. With our help, you’ll have an opportunity to visit Ukrainian orphanages. You’ll see with your own eyes how children live there and what they need. According to the needs and up to your desire, reasonable charity support to an orphanage or a certain child is welcomed. In addition, we’ll provide you with the list of children immediately available for adoption and in need of a family.

Children available for adoption in Ukraine are healthy children, children with moderate and correctable health conditions, special needs children and sibling groups. Ukraine is one of a very few countries where prospective parents may get acquainted with the list of available children and select a child/children according to age, gender and health condition. Both young couples and elder people are welcomed to adopt a Ukrainian child: there is no upper age limit for prospective parents. Moreover, only in Ukraine you’ll be provided with truthful and transparent report on child’s health condition and you’ll have an opportunity to fulfill independent health checkup of a child. Learn more about Ukrainian adoption benefits here

Translation and interpretation services may be provided upon your request. In addition, you may get free psychologist’s consultation on adoption process issues and subsequent adaptation of a child in a new home and of parents in a new status.

Adomir Adoption is your reliable companion on a bendy and long path of international adoption from Ukraine. Fill your application form here