We want to inform that because of the deep crisis in Ukraine there are more children available for international adoption. It was difficult to find 1-2 relatively healthy children from 5 to 7 y.o. before, and now it has become easier because there are more children available.

Welcome to Ukraine for your adoption!



987.jpgMotherhood is an interesting job. I find that I grow up alongside each child. Now, I am the mother of a newborn. Now, I am the mother of a 5-year-old. Now, I am the mother of a tween. And so on.

With each age and phase, the job of motherhood is redefined. The concerns that keep me awake at night, the milestones that loom in my mind -- they change and grow and morph. And with each subsequent child, I find myself remembering, oh, so this is how it is to be the parent of a toddler. There are flashes of familiarity, and yet each time, it feels strange and new, because each child brings her own unique traits into the world.

78878.jpgReality TV star Farrah Abrahamis planning to adopt a child.

The Teen Mom, Celebrity Big Brother and adult film star, who is already mother to six-year-old Sophia, said she was "very excited".

She told Us Weekly magazine: "I'm happy to confirm I'm moving forward in my adoption process.

"This means I will be making some changes in my career to welcome a new addition to my family."

She added: "Very excited and this feels so right. I'm very blessed for this opportunity."

3344.jpgThe world is full of opinions, especially when it comes to parenting. It’s not surprising that someone as famous as Sandra Bullock has received some backlash for her personal choices. If the internet has taught us anything it’s that people love to hurl judgments from the safety and anonymity of their computer screens.

She decided to address the opinion that her adopted son Louis is “not her child” in a beautiful Facebook post she shared last night about family, love, destiny, and raising kids.

She says:

“I hold my son in my arms and thank God for bringing him to me. If the standard route for creating a family had worked for me, I wouldn’t have met this child. I needed to know him. I needed to be his mother. I know now why all those events happened. Or didn’t happen. So I could meet this little boy. He is, in every way, my son.

234555555555555.jpgSandra Bullock has confirmed she has adopted a second child.

The Oscar-winning actress has become a mother for the second time with Laila, a three-year-old girl from Louisiana who had previously been in foster care.

The Gravity actress told People magazine: "When I look at Laila, there is no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here.

"I can tell you absolutely, the exact right children came to me at the exact right time."

Sandra is also mum to five-year-old son Louis, who she adopted in 2010.