54353353.jpgAround the world, there are an estimated 153 million orphanswho have lost one parent. There are 17,900,000 orphans who have lost both parents and are living in orphanages or on the streets and lack the care and attention required for healthy development. These children are at risk for disease, malnutrition, and death.

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The adoption screening process should find parents who are good adoption candidates while removing those unable to handle the arrangement. When a good family adopts a child, he receives the love and support necessary to have a good childhood. He may get to experience new siblings in this new family and build bonds that last a lifetime. Some adopted children come from an abusive or neglecting background and get to experience the peace of a functional family life with their adoptive families.

567.jpgBev Freeman-Fletcher was just 16 when her family disowned her and forced her to give her baby up for adoption

A mother who spent 46 years believing her daughter had died as a baby was stunned when she called her out of the blue - and now they are spending Christmas together.

Bev Freeman-Fletcher was just 16 when she was told the baby she had been forced to give up for adoption had died.

But her child had survived and, after growing up wondering who her mother was, hired a private detective to track her down.

She eventually traced carer Bev to her work and opened their first-ever conversation on the phone with: "Hello, I'm your daughter".

7899.jpgPadmini Staple, 66, spent years trying to find the baby girl she’d been forced to give up for adoption, until finally her dreams came true…

When the phone rang on Christmas Day, Padmini knew the call would be the best present she could ever receive. She’d waited years to hear the sound of her lost daughter’s voice.

For decades, Padmini had spent her Christmases wondering whether her daughter was safe, or if she had a family to help decorate her tree, or children to buy presents for. Was she nearby, or in some far off country?

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345677777.jpgChild adoption can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life for both you and your child. It really is wonderful and amazing to open your heart and home to a child that did not come from your womb, but you're willing to love and nurture her just the same. Many moms are grateful for the opportunity they've had to adopt, especially when it saved a child from a physical or emotionally dangerous situation. There are many children out there in need of a good home, and there are many reasons why child adoption may be right for you.